KPMG Thames Clippers

KPMG Thames Clippers

KPMG Thames Clippers are the most reliable way to travel on the river. We welcome everyone from commuters to families and tourists. You are guaranteed a seat and spectacular views of London.

Whether you're travelling with us on a single journey or using the Daily River Roamer ticket offering unlimited travel, our team's priority is to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

KPMG Thames Clippers depart every 20 minutes from major piers in central London. To book tickets, get route maps and timetables visit

River Roamer tickets are valid daily 09.00-21.00

Adult Price: 2FOR1 River Roamer £16.50

Cruise Duration: Approx 45 minutes

Telephone: 020 7001 2224

  • 2FOR1 Thames Clippers

    This offer expires on 31 October 2014

    Show your National Rail train tickets and 2FOR1 voucher when arriving at the attraction.
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Nearest stations: Piers interconnect with Waterloo, Charing Cross and London Bridge mainline stations. Multiple Tube stations are in proximity of the majority of piers that the Thames Clippers commuter service operates to.



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Disabled Access

We are easily accessible for all passengers. Our boats are all wheelchair and pram accessible at boarding points, in the interior and in the toilet facilities.

Ramps are used for passenger boarding and unloading at each pier (except London Bridge City Pier). Please ask the crew for boarding assistance if needed.

For further information on Thames Clippers accessibility please visit


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