The Chocolate Tour of London (including 7 samples)

The Chocolate Tour of London (including 7 samples)

London boasts some of the finest chocolatiers to be found anywhere in the world! Let us show you the evidence of the English obsession with fine chocolate on The Chocolate Tour of London. Plenty can be found in ritzy Mayfair, where a host of chocolatiers, both traditional and modern, have planted their exclusive boutiques. Learn about the history of chocolate, sample chocolate delights and discover London! A chocoholics heaven in the heart of London. Things are only looking up in the world of chocolate - we not only tend to eat less, but better quality chocolate, and we're also far more aware of chocolate's healthy properties: it's one of nature's superfoods, helping to relieve stress and enhance pleasure while providing a terrific source of magnesium!

  • Food is included 7 tastings on the go (sidewalk tastings, or done inside the establishments)
  • Capacity 20 people per tour guide
  • Dress It's a walking tour, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Weather Tour takes place rain or shine. Must be booked in advance online.

Admission: £30
Opening times: Thursday - Saturday 12pm & 3pm
Telephone: 020 7193 8770

  • 2FOR1 Chocolate Tour of London

    This offer expires on 31 October 2015

    Show your National Rail train tickets and printed 2FOR1 voucher when arriving at the attraction.
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Meeting Point -

The Algerian Coffee Store,

52 Old Compton St



Nearest Station: Charing Cross



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